Phoenix Against the World Chapter 262

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Who Dared to Provoke Me [4]

As she finished her words, she rushed out to chase after Xiao Yun. Living for so many years, after all, she wasn’t like Xiao Yun – this sixteen years old and that innocent. Somethings, you can’t look just on the surface!

Xiao Qi Yuan was carried over by a sedan chair. His body was covered by the thick fox fur coat, bundled tightly. He had a mink fur hat on, covering the white hair.

Besides the four servants carrying the sedan chair, Xiao Qi Yuan had brought along a couple of extraordinary people. Two men and one woman, looking at the prefecture of Princess Zhang in alarm before daring to walk in.

“Grandfather!” Xiao Yun had already stepped out, welcoming him. She was delighted and crisply calling for him: “I thought you aren’t going to come. I thought that you don’t adore Yun Er anymore.”

Xiao Qi Yuan walked off from the sedan chair. He swept his eyes across Xiao Yun, revealing a sense of warning.

Xiao Yun, inquired out of confusion: “Grandfather, what are you looking at?”

“Where does Princess Bei Yue live?” Xiao Qi Yuan didn’t pay attention to her, immediately asking.

Xiao Yun felt joy in her heart. As expected, grandfather was coming to stir up troubles for Huang Bei Yue. However, if they were the ones coming to find her, doesn’t that make it seem like they have no faces? She should let grandfather go to the front hall first and sip some tea while she orders for people to tie Huang Bei Yue out?

“Grandfather, we have prepared your favorite tea in the front hall. How about you first go-”

Her words weren’t even finished when Xiao Qi Yuan turned impatient. He casually grabbed a maid over: “Lead the way!”

The maid was frightened. In front of her was an eight-star summoner. How did she dare to resist this? She hurriedly led the way to Liu Yun Ge where Huang Bei Yue lived.

“Grandfather?!” Xiao Yun held a face of confusion. Grandfather didn’t need to be that urgent right?

“Yun Er!” Concubine Xue who had run out grabbed onto Xiao Yun’s hand, a look of uneasiness.

“Mother, what is the matter? If your body isn’t feeling well then go back to rest. I will go see how grandfather is going to teach Huang Bei Yue a lesson!”

Concubine Xue glared at her. In her heart, she sighed. After all, she was still a kid ah. No matter how smart she was, during times of importance, she would still make stupid mistakes ah.

“Stupid girl, did you not hear how your grandfather addressed that girl?” Concubine Xue hurriedly exclaimed, as though afraid that Xiao Yun will run away after not hearing her words.

Xiao Yun was stunned. She recalled: “Call Bei” Suddenly, that lovable and good looking face turned white!

“How come it’s like this? It’s impossible. Before, before, I must have heard wrong!” Xiao Yun mumbled. The body, on the other hand, turned freezing cold already from top to bottom.

“Yun Er, let’s better not easily make a move. Even your grandfather had also-” At this time, Concubine Xue had felt the real terror. She thought back to today in the garden where there was a servant’s corpse hanging on the mountains. Suddenly, she felt as though her hair had stood up.

Xiao Yun choked with emotions. Suddenly, tears fell out of the eyelids. She started screaming: “I don’t want this! I don’t want this! Mother! Even until death, I won’t believe this ah! That slutty girl, how dare she?!”

“Speak with a lower voice!” Concubine Xue covered her mouth and turned around to look at the surrounding people. Thankfully, at this time, a lot of people knew that the Lord’s father was about to arrive and was on his way to Huang Bei Yue’s Liu Yun Ge. They thought that there was going to be a show to watch so they all headed towards the direction of Liu Yun Ge.

Xiao Yun ‘wu, wu’ a couple times before she sniffled and exclaimed with her red and swollen eyes: “I don’t understand. How come even grandfather is like this?”

Concubine Xue thought about it in detail: “That Huang Bei Yue, in the past, has been deemed as a useless thing. She had let anyone bullied her.”

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